Stage/Fly bars


Stage_2aThe wood-panelled and traditionally black painted stage has a curved apron, and the Main Tabs are claret velvet and are mechanised.  They are able to open horizontally or vertically at the touch of a button at the Stage Manager's Desk.  There are 7 additional counterweighted flybars for the hanging of scenery, and permanently hung legs and borders.  At the back of the stage is a concrete white wall (cyclorama) and a black traverse cloth which may be winched closed to create a black cyc.

Other facilities include paging to the foyers and backstage,  communication headsets in all technical areas, staircases on each side of the stage down to the dressing rooms, and a greenroom.  If a production requires that the stage is painted anything other than black, then the onus is on the lessee of the theatre to arrange and pay for the stage to be re-painted black at the end of the show. The roll-up loading bay door is located in the wings on the OP side of the stage.  For further information, please contact Production Managers Wesley Maherry ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  ) and Tina Le Roux ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Stage Dimensions


12 metres


5.45 m


9 m (cyclorama to pros. arch)

Thrust (Orchestra pit located beneath)

3 m (trapped)

Side Wings

8.5 m


Re-paintable black sprung floor

Grey/Black Dance Mats may be hired subject to availability.  Contact Lliane Loots on (031) 260 1142.

Paging Facilities

Intercom to all areas


Wireless comms and cable headset packs

Stage Manager's Desk

Located prompt side

Run of play visual and audio monitor

Main tabs, paging and houselights control

Loading Bay

Accessible via stage

Dressing Rooms

Situated beneath the stage in the basement

2 x large dressing rooms with shower and ablutions

Capacity of approx. 10 people each

2 x small dressing rooms

Capacity of approx. 5 people each

Green Room with kitchen and outside courtyard

Fridge, microwave, kettle


Counterweight Flying System

7 x Counterweight bars


3 x Sets of permanent Legs & Borders

4 x 1ton chain blocks


Main Tab rising vertically

Electrically operated from SM desk

Main Tabs opening horizontally

Electrically operated from SM desk

Black Traverse

600mm clear of Cyc.


Painted white wall or black traverse