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Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre
University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban



Founded in 1981 by the late Professor Elizabeth Sneddon, the EST has the proud reputation of being the first theatre to service a drama department at an academic institution. The theatre is now also available for hire by outside companies, and therefore hosts a wide variety of independently produced events, ranging from corporate functions and launches to dance programs, childrens' shows, music reviews, rock concerts, comedy, satire and drama. In addition, the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre has a close association with the University's Centre for Creative Arts, playing host to such internationally reputed events as the Durban International Film Festival, Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience, the Time of the Writer and Poetry Africa festivals.

A Comment from the Theatre Director

Bust of Prof. Sneddon
Nobody can say that nothing ever happens in Durban, for in one theatre alone there are over 17 productions of a varied nature taking place during the course of a year. Those that are privately funded by local entrepreneurs and producers are designed largely to entertain, as is necessary for financial feasibility. Festivals and events receiving sponsorship and funding from outside sources are structured not only to showcase and exchange ideas, artistry and talent but also to play a vital educational role.


We are thus proud to present another year of varied entertainment to our audiences, and the following gentle reminder from Federico Garcia Lorca (Spanish Playwright and poet) to those who may steer away from challenging and innovative productions:

A nation which does not help and does not encourage its theatre is, if not dead, dying; just as the theatre which does not feel the social pulse, the historical pulse, the drama of its people…has no right to call itself a theatre, but an amusement hall, or a place for doing that dreadful thing known as “killing time.”

There are many people who work very hard at keeping theatre and the arts alive in KZN, and we encourage and implore the public to support events at all theatres and venues. We would also like to extend an invitation for comments and suggestions regarding productions for the future at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre.

Jackie Cunniffe


Show Cancellation Notice





Dear patrons of the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre


Amongst the drastic measures announced to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, is the current national lockdown, preceded by the prohibiiton of public gatherings of 100 or more people (see government link above).  In view of this, please be advised that "Here’s to You - The Simon & Garfunkel Songbook", in addition to "An Unromantic Comedy" at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, have regrettably been cancelled.  

Patrons who have bought tickets will be contacted directly by Computicket, to arrange full refunds.  Please contact Computicket on 0861 915 8000 if by any chance you do not receive an email or text message from them in the next few days.


The entertainment and events industry is being particularly hard-hit at this time, and our thoughts go out to all those performers, musicians, technicians, production companies, directors and creative teams who are now left without work for the indefinite future.  Should you not request a refund, the money will be paid over by Computicket to the producers of the respective shows, in order to offset the huge costs already incurred, and thereby try help keep the theatre industry alive in South Africa. 

Thank you for your support and understanding, and wishing you good health in these uncertain and challenging times.