What the EFF

What_the_EFF_temp_web03 - 07 Nov 2015
Satirical Comedy

It's hard to live in South Africa for more than five minutes without looking around in wide-eyed bewilderment, and rhetorically asking/declaring: "what the EFF?"

Whether it's Hippies practising attachment parenting - on their twenty-three year old fine art student sons, Militants marching into parliament in Pep store overalls and Italian shoes, or taxi drivers who manage to simultaneously cut you off and flip you the bird while paging through the newspaper and counting their money (are they octopi? HOW DO THEY DO IT?). At some point in every day, you will say: "What the EFF?"

Fortunately, Nik Rabinowitz is here to answer that question. Or maybe not answer it, so much as shake it a bit, and see what falls out. From the leafy green ganglands of Cape Town, to the imaginary book storage lockers of Limpopo, Rabinowitz casts his eye far and wide, and asks "What the EFF?"

And if politics isn't your cup of tea, there's plenty of other ridiculousness that'll have you shaking your head, and clutching your sides.