Frontlines - the Re-mix

Poster_web28 Sept - 3 Oct 2010

The watershed concept of FrontLines is being further extended in the form of FrontLines: The Remix – an audio visual experience of FrontLines in which the UKZN and DUT Drama departments present a fresh perspective on modern societies’ relationship to war and conflict.

Originally devised and directed by Tamar Meskin and Tanya van der Walt as part of an ongoing collaborative project between the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the Durban University of Technology, and featuring students from both departments, the narrative of the FrontLines journey now continues.  Video artist Karen Logan a.k.a. aTari-Logo, DJ Veranda-Panda a.k.a. Liam Magner, and Spoken Word HipHop artist Iain EWOK Robinson direct the cast in a contemporary collaboration that unites their signature fresh approach to multi-media performance  with the heart of the original in an exciting and new ‘Remix’.

Africa is burning, from the fires of the forgotten soldiers of the struggle, to the heat of historical inequalities that continue to fan the flame that consumes our flags.  Soldiers no longer have to march in sequence or practice drills on the parade ground to form an army.  Today, all you need to be a soldier is a gun and a lack of hope.  If we are meant to have learned from our mistakes then why are we still at war?  Who is really gaining from this continued conflict?  Who is it that has such a vested interest in the sustainability of war?  Certainly not the average person, certainly not the poor, definitely not the children, so who?  These are the questions and the realities that drive the production of FrontLines: The Remix.