Fantastic 50

Song & Dance Review

A golden theatrical anniversary of laughter, love, glamour and humanity featuring fabulous costumes, dynamic dancing, magical music and pianist pow!  When IAN VON MEMERTY, an “Emperor of Musical Theatre”, and VIVIENNE LAWRENCE a “Queen of Dance”, joined hands the result was bound to be a dance of delight and drama – a tango of tense passion and sinuous sensuality.

As they both celebrate turning FANTASTIC 50 they share for the first time, the story of how they overcame the huge challenge of their children’s fatal genetic illnesses, conquering the statistics, celebrating life and continuing to hone their combined skills til “we are now working on a level we have never worked before”.  An uplifting story of triumph over tragedy, their 25 year partnership is brought to enthralling theatrical life where the bling of the ballroom meets irreverent joie de vivre.

Ian’s skill with the hugely successful A Handful of Keys, and his experience as the presenter of Strictly Come Dancing and the judge on SA’s Got Talent – have shaped a show that is as enthralling as it is entertaining, and as inspirational as it is invigorating. Two true theatrical talents at the peak of their powers.

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