Aaron McIlroy @ Work

At_Work_Web2 - 27 Nov 2011

He’s taken the country’s boardrooms and motivational-speaker platforms by storm. He’s the ultimate exponent of the Greens, the all-time champ of Stand-up, intrepid prober of alien invaders, sassy savvy behind the criminal psyche, and the most winning Loser of them all!  It’s huge, it’s multinational, it’s global, it’s hit-listed. It’s Aaron McIlroy @ Work…

South Africa’s Master of Mirth, that inimitable mind behind The Loser, The Golfer, DOF, The Stand-up, Reality Bytes, and a string of other hits, sets his sights on the high-powered corporate world to show us that he means business and that business is no small laughing matter.. McIlroy fans can look forward to a hot-property line-up of unforgettable new characters, including a mister corporate charisma, Cornelius Prewitt Layder and a gender equality secretary Dustin (camp Gate Keeper to the Portals of God) and other hilarious characters whose attitude to the principles of business success pop, sizzle, crack or fizzle.

McIlroy @ Work is another collaborative work between McIlroy and award winning actress and writer, Susan Monteregge. They have previously joined forces to create some of MacBob’s most notable hits including The Loser, The Stand-Up and Defending the Planet.  Celebrating their creative reunion, Monteregge, who now lives in the United Kingdom, says: “Working on original works with Aaron is always a business rich with irrational exuberance. I run the consultancy –and with Aaron’s prodigious performance abilities I’m always happy to wildly overestimate our chance of success.” 

Tickets are R95 and can be booked through Computicket on 0861 915 8000 or online at www.computicket.com